The Unholy Trinity

Many decent Christians will find this to simply be un-Christian behavior.  There is a large group of fanatical Christians who presently take their dispute with Islam to any length even if it means bringing dishonor and shame to their faith and fellow Christians, many of whom do not share their views or methods. 

For a few years now, I and many other Muslims have been engaged in efforts to refute ferocious attacks on Islam by just about every type of institution in the West.  Government policies and officials, presidential and partisan candidates, church leaders, media establishments, and so forth, have been engaged in systematic warfare against Islam and Muslims.  How can anyone call this but warfare if it involves economic, military, cultural and religious oppression directed at the religion of one fifth of humanity?

Many Christians have grown accustomed to mainly Christians and Jews explaining Islam as their hearts wish and in the meantime slandering Islam and Muslims and helping build a mountain of negative opinion against Islam and Muslims.  This is not new, though, and it will continue as long as the modern West unnecessarily continues the unjust fight against Islam that they inherited from its ancestral backward fanatical medieval Europe.

Some segments of the unholy coalition against Islam include a very vicious lying breed that stops at nothing to defame Islam.

I have encountered some of these enemies of Islam and have proved through their writings that they would lie, cheat and deceive to help their religion, or so they think.  They know that Christianity, with its confusing creed and mysterious ideas and practices, does not stand a chance against the pure and plain Islamic Creed.  Islam, which started more than six centuries after Christianity started, has now surpassed Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism as the largest religion on earth.  Therefore, if their religion cannot win the competition against Islam on its own merits, this lying breed can defame Islam all they can to stop it from spreading into the cradle of Christian civilization.

I have to say that among the most vicious of this brand of enemy of Islam has been the website Answering-Islam.  Led by Jochin Katz and supported by Sam Shamoun, this website has certainly won the prize for being among the most lying and deceiving enemies of Islam.  I responded at length to various lies and ignorance that the Answering-Islam team has come up with; these responses can be found at

However, this one may surprise even some of the most devout readers of the anti-Islam websites.  Or, it may impress them since the devout readers of such websites have proved that they would rather live in the deceitful fantasy of what the enemies of Islam falsely claim about it rather than actually reading for Muslims about anything Islamic with an open mind.

The Father, the Son and the Unholy Daughter

An Unholy Trinity

Sam Shamoun, well-known for his evil demeanor, abusive nature and extreme efforts to defame Islam, has outdone himself.  For some time now, this character has been appearing under three different names, three different personalities, three different manifestations, sort of an unholy trinity.

The first personality is his; it is Sam Shamoun himself, a vicious lying, deceitful enemy of Islam, Catholicism and Judaism.  This is the father, the figurehead of this unholy triune council.

The second personality is a woman called Esther M.  This woman writes like Shamoun, abuses others like Shamoun, uses Shamoun’s ideas and tactics, and bombards Muslim email addresses with objections to Islam identical to those invented by Shamoun.  She is the unholy daughter of this unholy trinity.

The third personality, Ben Malik, proceeded from the first, i.e., proceeded from the figurehead, Sam Shamoun.  This personality writes like Shamoun, abuses others like Shamoun, uses Shamoun’s ideas and tactics, and bombards Muslim email addresses with objections to Islam identical to those invented by Shamoun.

These three personalities work in such a perfect harmony that if we insist that all three appear in one place at the same time, Sam Shamoun will appear to represent all three, sort of one-in-three and three-in-one.  The best way to join these three forever may be to marry Esther M. to Ben Malik and let Sam Shamoun conduct the marriage contract.  If other personalities appear, they will be sort of an addition, not a deletion, to this unholy trinity.  This is how these freaks think they can win the battle against Islam.

Meanwhile, Islam is still continuing its blessed march and winning more converts to it than any other religion.  One day, Allah willing, Islam will be larger than all other religions combined.  And as it did in the past, this will happen through people’s inner conviction that Islam is the truth, because Islam does not profess nor its people have practiced mass conversion to it of any nation on the fact of the earth.

By Jalal Abualrub on islamlife


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