Is the Trinity a mystery?

The Trinity is three gods in one. The Lord God is a mystery. No one ever saw or knew what God is. Jesus was a man of flesh and bone. He lived in this world as people who have a history of life. The Holy Spirit is “God’s” creation of the Council who are not known at the time of Jesus.

“…. we have not heard that there is a Holy Spirit”. (Acts 19:2)

Dead Sea Scrolls are written at the time of Jesus never called on the Holy Spirit in worship.


Reverend Dr. Charles Francis Potter in his book The Lost Year of Jesus Revealed, 1992, p 16, explains:
“Few Christians believing yet realize (for few scholars are yet adminitting) how many doe Important doctrines are to be change radically, and how many others should eventually be eliminated when the Scroll are properly Recognized and evaluated in relation to the New Testament. The very vulnerable doctrine of the Holly Spirit will have to go, as we shall see, and will take with it inevitably the doctrine of the Trinity, the which was never in the Bible anyway. ” ( )

Veteran nun and author Karen Armstrong in his book A History of God thing. 135, citing Gregory of Nazianzus, thinker of the Trinity in the fourth century that tells bagamana Holy Spirit is not known at the time of Jesus cause problems when it was introduced in the fourth century.

The Cappadocians were also anxious to develop the notion of the Holy Spirit, the which They fe (t have been dealt with very perfunctorily at Nicaea:` And we believe in the Holy Spirit ‘seemed to have been added to Athanasius’s creed almost as an after-thought. People were confused about the Holy Spirit. was it simply a Synonym for God ar was it something more? ‘Some have conceived (the Holy Spirit) as an activity’, noted Gregory of Nazianzus, ‘some as a creature, some as God and some have been uncertain what to call him “.

Therefore to claim that God is not looking, the man Jesus who has bones and flesh and the Holy Spirit who is never known at the time of Jesus is a substance, it can be considered a mystery, which means bizarre. Originators of this doctrine confuses itself and the Christian clergy. They have difficulty explaining this pagan teaching in a Christian context. In the end they define the doctrine of the Trinity as a mystery (Cave 1997).

Notice how Athanasius, in his book The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon written:

“Christian Theologian, the great Athanasius Himself, has candidly confessed That Whenever he forced his understanding to mediate on the divinity of the Logos, his toilsome and unavailing Efforts recoiled on Themselves: That the more he thought, the less he comprehend; and the more he wrote, the less capable he was expressing his thought “.

Athanasius was just trying to formulate the relationship of Jesus as the Logos (Word) pagan God, he was dizzy. Not to mention the added to the “God” the Holy Spirit.

Monsignor Eugene Clark recognizes the concept of the Trinity is difficult to understand. For that according to him, should the concept of the Trinity accepted it, although not understood.

“God is one, God is three. Since there is nothing like this in creation, we can not understand it, but Anly accept it”

The third person of the Trinity relationships painstakingly created by the Church in the midst of conflict, controversy and even bloodshed. Church leaders are forced to issue a statement to accept Christianity without having to investigate it. Anslem Archbishop, leader of the Church in Canterbury (1093-1109) in his book Prosologian I, said:

“For 1 am not seeking to understand in order to believe, but one believe in order That one may understand”

Later in his book Cur Deus Homo 1:2 he describes the sequence of receiving the mysterious teachings of Christianity:

“The correct order is to believe the deep thing of Christian faith before undertaking to discuss them by reason …… so That even though a totally Unable to understand it, nothing Could shake the constancy of my belief.”

If you have this condition, meaning there is no way for those who want to question the truth of a doctrine before believed. If it is taught to us is something wrong, no matter how hard we his faith, yes, still wrong, and consequently we will be cast into hell fire.

If the church is saying that, while Jesus never said that he was the second person of the Trinity, we are given the impression as if Jesus deliberately deceive his people the children of Israel, just to please the pagans in the Roman empire.

The evangelist according to Dr. Bruce Goldberg in his book “New Age Hypnosis,” p. 2, already trained in the use of moves hypnotism and suggestion. Through these techniques, they easily beat the unconscious or the individual congregations.

They use these methods to brainwash the congregation to be easily receive messages, whether reasonable or unreasonable, which is packed with dazzling rhetoric. This way they can make something that does not make sense as if it makes sense. While the church had “surrendered” only able to answer “Amen, Amen”. Gordon Urquhart in his book The Pope’s Armada, 1995, on the back page describes a secret mission to brainwash Christian church:

“The three most powerful of the ultra tradition-alist movement within the Catholic Church engage in secret initiation Ceremonies, brainwashing techniques involving ego destruction, moral and spiritual intimidation and highly questionable, even dangerous psychtherapeutic practices.”

Tertullian in his book “The Flesh of Christ”, p. 5, to play these tricks:

“The Son of God was Crucified. 1 am not Ashamed Because It Shameful. The Son of God died. It is credible Because it is absurd. He was Buried and rose again. It is Certain Because it is impossible”.

Mike Velarde, a charismatic Christian leaders in the Philippines showed the efficacy of its influence on the field over a million followers Philippine International Convention Center to say that they can acquire the fortune of God by turning up the umbrella to hold the fortune of the sky.

The ability of Mike Velarde was commented upon by Father Robert Reyes in the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper published December 29, 1999, p. 9:

“Mike Velarde is better Because he manages to fool poor people into believeing ​​That he can Make them rich. The people are desperate. Any promise That Gives them hope to go for improved life, they’ll grab it”



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